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Nocturne Inst Ver.

The soundtrack for the film Death and Rebirth, released on June 11, 1997. It contains the classical music and original tracks used in the Death portion of the film, as well as a bonus track from Rebirth. Two songs featured in The End of Evangelion are also on this album instead of that film's soundtrack.

nocturne inst ver.

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A 7 disc collection of nearly every song recorded for the original series, including unused and unreleased tracks. Also included are alternate takes of existing songs, with certain instruments removed or the tempo altered. It was released December 4, 1998.

A two volume collection of songs from the series arranged in a marching band brass style, they were released December 9, 2009. In the place of traditional strings, wind instruments such as flutes are substituted. While some songs are simply remade, others, like Decisive Battle, are changed dramatically to take advantage of the style and feature new vocals.

A vocal arrangement album, Refrain -the songs were inspired by Evangelion- was released on November 6, 1997. It contains remixes of Yoko Takahashi's Evangelion theme songs, as well as instrumental arrangements by Tony Orly.

One of the first singles for the franchise, Fly Me to the Moon was released on October 25, 1995. It contains the Claire and '4-beat' versions of Fly Me to the Moon, as well as their instrumental cuts.[10]

A comemorative release of the 1995 single, A Cruel Angel's Thesis / FLY ME TO THE MOON. It was released on March 26, 2003 as part of Evangelion's tenth anniversary. Also included on the disc was the Director's Edit of A Cruel Angel's Thesis and instrumental versions of both songs.[15]

A single released on May 24, 2006 containing the titular songs along with Kokoro yo Genshi ni Modore, and an instrumental version of Tamashii no Rufuran. The only new song was a remix of Thanatos -If I Can't Be Yours- with the subtitle "Nine Years After Mix."[16]

A remake of Fly Me to the Moon and A Cruel Angel's Thesis released near Evangelion 2.0 on May 13, 2009. The album also included the original song One Little Wish, and instrumental versions of all three songs. Each track was performed by Yoko Takahashi.[17]

A version of the Death and Rebirth single performed by Asuka's voice actress, Yuko Miyamura. The song was featured in the CR Evangelion 7 pachinko machine, and released as a CD on January 11, 2012. The CD release also includes an original song, Shiawase no betsumei, and instrumental versions of both songs.[19]

After a scene showing Filia asleep (in similar vein to Fukua's reveal trailer) the setting transcends to the contents of her nightmare. Starring Fukua, she battles every playable character (regardless of whether or not the consumer has purchased the DLC) in the games roster, excluding herself, in reverse order from when they were implemented into the game; beginning her quest against Robo-Fortune up until achieving her goal of besting Filia, the final boss.

The Boss fight against Filia is always set to Nightmare difficulty and she has 300% more health than usual regardless of the difficulty setting chosen at the beginning. These buffs make her a very tricky opponent, especially for players who struggle with the higher difficulty settings. Despite this Filia still has some major weaknesses that can be exploited for the user's benefit: 041b061a72


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