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Buy Yamaha Upright Piano __LINK__

Each of our used professional upright pianos undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process before being placed in our showrooms for sale to ensure the highest sound quality, overall performance and visual aesthetic available among used upright pianos. Learn more about our Certified Reconditioning Process, review our professional upright piano inventory below, or visit our piano store in College Park, MD, to see our used professional upright pianos for sale firsthand. Call us today at 877-635-1699 to make an appointment!

buy yamaha upright piano

Yamaha began producing upright pianos in the year 1900 and has been making and selling pianos ever since. When you shop for a Yamaha upright piano on eBay, here is some information that you should keep in mind.

If you are shopping for a used Yamaha upright piano, one primary factor to consider is its condition. Check the item description to find out if the Yamaha piano has had any repairs. If it is a vintage Yamaha upright piano, the item description will include any possible restorations, modifications, or alterations made to the piano. Examine the product images thoroughly for internal and external details.

If you are shopping for a vintage Yamaha upright piano, you can find the year or time period you are looking for on eBay. There are many collector-quality antique and vintage Yamaha upright pianos available. You may want to filter by price, condition, or type of upright piano. If you want one that has been appraised by a certified Yamaha professional, check the item description for that information.

As you can see, a fairly standard set of specifications for an upright piano. However, this is anything but a standard piano. These pianos are built exceptionally well, and are very versatile.

The piano market today is a real mish-mash of manufacturers making pianos in different countries of the world. As you might expect, a lot of pianos are made in China; some are made in Indonesia and Japan, and some are made in Europe and the USA.

Manufacturing is an art form in Japan, and Japanese factories are some of the most automated in the world. Japanese pianos, whether they are Yamaha, Kawai or other brands, are among the most uniformly made pianos, and are designed first and foremost for servicing and longevity.

An excellent instrument in all respects; you will not go wrong with purchasing a Yamaha U1. If you're buying a used one, just be careful, and make sure it's been looked after or refurbished properly. A new Yamaha U1 will last you for years and years, and as long as you look after it, it'll be all the piano you'll ever need.

You can usually find used pianos that are lightweight by checking out used books or classified ads. As a final step, you should consider the brand and year of the model when looking at used pianos online. Used pianos are much cheaper than new ones.

Our Wardour Street showroom houses a fantastic range of Yamaha Upright and Silent Upright acoustic pianos, all ready to be tried out - or, if you'd prefer, our product specialists are on hand to guide you through the range.

There are roughly 8,000 parts used in the construction of piano, many of which are made from natural materials having distinct differences and their own individual characteristics. In order to maximize the characteristics of each material and create the ideal sound, Yamaha conducts intensive research on each and every one of them. The artistry that goes into each individual piano is an exquisitely delicate balance between the traditional craftsmanship that maximizes those characteristics and the state-of-the-art production techniques that ensure consistent accuracy.

Park Avenue Pianos is a leading reseller of Steinway Pianos, the finest and most timeless piano in the world, and functions as an independent company unrelated to Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Neither this site nor Park Avenue Pianos is affiliated with Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. The official website of Steinway & Sons.

With incredible advancements in sampling technology and physical modelling software emulation over the last couple of decades, digital pianos are getting ever closer to being able to replicate the feel, sound and response of the best acoustic pianos. We're fans of the digital route here at MusicRadar, sure, but for a proper, 100 per cent authentic acoustic piano experience, nothing tops a real acoustic piano.

Highly regarded as such for decades now, the ultimate upright piano has to be the C Bechstein Concert 8 (opens in new tab), an outstanding instrument that's in a class of its own, but with a price to match. This is the kind of piano that has to be played to be believed, so if you ever get the chance to play one, just do it and you'll see what we mean!

If you're on a tight budget or just starting out, you can't go wrong with the super-affordable Yamaha b1 (opens in new tab). Compact enough for small rooms, the b1 plays beautifully with a bright, lively sound. It's a brilliant, entry-level all-rounder piano from one of the best names in the business.

If you have your heart set on a grand piano, however, the Kawai GL-10 (opens in new tab) is an excellent choice from the more affordable end of the grand spectrum. It's a well-built, great-sounding piano from a renowned manufacturer that'll give you years of enjoyment and look great while doing so.

Since piano keys are essentially levers, longer keys make playing easier and provide a more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface. The GL-10 thus features the same increased key length found on the K-300 upright, so it plays more like a longer grand piano costing much more.

Manufactured by the same family in Leipzig since 1853, Blüthner pianos have a stellar reputation for excellence that continues to make them a force to be reckoned with today. The Model S145 is the flagship model in their upright collection, and standing 145cm high it's the largest upright piano currently on the market.

Expanding the standard size of an upright piano on all fronts, the 145S has been designed to provide an unparalleled piano playing experience, making it a great choice for when the sound of a grand piano is needed in a smaller space.

The 122 is the smaller of the two models in the range, the number reflecting the height of the piano in centimetres. As you'd expect from a piano in this price range, luxurious touches abound, including a hydraulic fallboard to prevent sudden dramatic lid closures and an internal, built-in hygrometer to ensure that the correct humidity is maintained within the instrument's casing.

Handcrafted in the same factory as their grand pianos, using the same techniques, processes and craftsmen, Steinway pianos are built using 125 patented features and design elements, including their Diaphragmatic soundboard, Accelerated Action and Hexagrip pinblock. The result is an impressive upright that responds beautifully to every touch.

A perennial favourite amongst discerning pianists, Yamaha's U1 is the company's most popular upright piano. Solidly built and available in several finishes with a 10-year warranty, and with a warm, smooth tone, it's a fantastic all-rounder for home learning, studio recording or professional performance. However, with the addition of Yamaha's SH2 Silent Piano system, the U1 takes on a whole other dimension.

One of the UK's best-selling pianos, the Kawai K-300 makes a great choice if you're upgrading from a digital piano. Its 122cm height makes it perfect for small spaces, but it's still a decent size and its large soundboard provides a remarkable depth of tone.

The K-300 features Kawai's Millennium III upright keyboard action which is a hybrid of traditional wooden components and strong, light ABS carbon parts designed to provide a responsive and involved playing experience. Other refinements include extended key length for greater control, a soft-fall lid for safe closing, double-felted hammers with mahogany cores, a solid spruce tapered soundboard and an extended music rest.

For a not insignificant extra chunk of cash, the K-300 can be ordered with Kawai's ATX-4 hybrid system, combining all the traditional characteristics of a fine acoustic piano with a silent system that disconnects the hammers from the strings. This couples the benefits of the Millennium III action with a sampled Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano, plus a handful of other sounds, relayed through the built-in headphone output.

With acoustic pianos, the longer the strings and the bigger the soundboard, the better the tone and the more inspiring the instrument will be to play, so it makes sense to go for the tallest upright or the longest grand that your budget allows. Due to the sheer number of man hours involved in building an instrument as magnificent and complex as an acoustic piano, though, they do tend to cost a pretty penny.

The next bracket up gets you an upright instrument of increased height with better tone and higher-quality materials. Alternatively, at the thick end of this bracket you start to come across entry-level baby grand pianos, which are small grand pianos with an overall length of less than around 150cm.

The sweet spot when investing in one of the best acoustic pianos is the high teens, where you can find large, European-built upright pianos that start to outdo the musical performance of a budget baby grand.

This is where we start to enter the connoisseur's marketplace, largely consisting of high-end European and American-built upright and concert-level grand pianos from makers like Fazioli, Steinway, Bosendorfer and C Bechstein, whose Concert 8 model is one of the most expensive upright pianos in the world. 041b061a72


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