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The Simpsons - Season 28 !!BETTER!!

The twenty-eighth season of the animated television series The Simpsons began airing on Fox in the United States on September 25, 2016, and ended on May 21, 2017.[1] On May 4, 2015, Fox announced that The Simpsons had been renewed for season 28.[2]

The Simpsons - Season 28

This season includes the 600th episode of the show, "Treehouse of Horror XXVII".[3] On August 31, 2016, it was announced that an episode titled "The Caper Chase", inspired by Trump University, would air sometime in 2017; the episode aired on April 2.[4]

This season also includes the show's first hour-long episode, "The Great Phatsby", a parody of The Great Gatsby.[5] Other noteworthy events and gags include a Pokémon Go-themed episode ("Looking for Mr. Goodbart"),[6] couch gags spoofing Robot Chicken and Adventure Time, an episode that shows how Homer learned to feel better with food ("Fatzcarraldo"), Mr. Burns hiring all of the Simpsons (except Homer) to become his "pretend" family ("Friends and Family"), and Glenn Close returning as Mona ("Fatzcarraldo").[7]

This was the final season scored by longtime Simpsons composer Alf Clausen. This also marked the first season where former recurring guest star Kevin Michael Richardson joined the regular supporting cast, starting with the episode "The Last Traction Hero".

Season 28 is the twenty-eighth season of The Simpsons that premiered on September 25, 2016 with "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" and ended on May 21, 2017 with "Dogtown". The show's 600th episode aired during this season.

The Simpsons has been around long enough now that with each new season comes more astonishment at the series' incredibly longevity than its ability to make the audience laugh or to skewer some aspect of American culture in one way or another. It seems like those days are long gone. The Simpsons' sense of humor has certainly changed over the decades, and as the show approaches its thirtieth season, the degree to which things have changed seem to be what stands out most about the series. Well, that and the show's couch gag, which has become its primary selling point on a week-to-week basis. This time, The Simpsons become the cast of Adventure Time, which, for fans of Adventure Time will likely be the highlight of the premiere.

A variety show is a great plot device for a show like The Simpsons. It affords the program ample opportunity to bring in as many characters as it wants for a quick laugh, one liner, sight gag or ill-timed Arnold Palmer joke. But there needs to be something more than that, it needs a foundation to make the jokes resonate and to give characters reason to participate other than it being something to do. As far as season openers go, 'Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus' only gets it half right.

The 28th season of The Simpsons will also feature the show's 600th episode, which will be this year's "Treehouse of Horror XXVII." That episode will air on October 16 at 8 p.m. ET, while the season itself will premiere on September 25 at 8 p.m. PT.

The season premiere is called "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus," during which Springfield will be completely burned down, and the Simpsons plead with Mr. Burns to rebuild the town. He agrees to, so long as he gets to produce his own variety show.

I'm pretty sure is something wrong with this show and Emby as in the same season there's another double chapter (21-22), named same as 12-13: 28x21-22 - La Casa Moho - Ciudad Perro.s28e21e22.mkvand showing it correctly on the season:

The Simpsons gets a lot of grief from fans and critics for its later years, but don't go full Comic Book Guy on the series just yet. Each and every season has some standout, memorable moments, and the show, while no longer in its golden age, has also recovered from its troublesome teens (the less said about seasons eighteen and nineteen, the better!).

This season, incredibly the show's twenty-eighth, The Simpsons has once again brought plenty of laugh out loud moments. Moments that are, frankly, a lot more woohoo than they are d'oh. Which is great: whatever you think of the show's more troublesome episodes, it's nearly impossible not to want to see the yellow family from Springfield succeed. Because when the show is at its best, it's capable of creating more memorable moments than nearly any other comedy on the air.

However, utilizing Howard K. Duff (Stacey Keach), Mr. Burns, Lindsey Naegle, and The Rich Texan as part of a Shark Tank spoof was one of the better decisions the show has made in the first half of season 28.

You may remember Keach (read that in Troy McClure's voice) from Up in Smoke, American History X, as television's Mike Hammer, or as the womanizing dad from the short-lived, underrated Fox sitcom Titus. On The Simpsons, he turned up as Howard K. Duff VIII back in season 12's Hungry, Hungry Homer, and has reprised the character several times since.

In season 28, Howard K Duff VIII returns, this time in the episode Havana Wild Weekend, as part of the fictional TV show Vulture's Nest, a spot-on Shark Tank parody. From Duff being "out" before the product is even pitched, to Kirk Van Houten's mangled proposal, to Naegle offering ridiculous terms for very little return, this little spoof was a bit of comedic gold. After all, Shark Tank is pretty ridiculous at this point.

FOX is first out of the starting gate in terms of announcing the premiere dates for its 2016-17 fall season. The fall premieres are largely populated by returning hits like Empire, New Girl, The Simpsons and more, but there are four new series bowing this fall on FOX: the feature-film spinoff Lethal Weapon, the baseball drama Pitch, *another* feature-film spinoff, The Exorcist (pictured) and the animated/live-action hybrid family comedy Son of Zorn.

The cast and producers of Bones will be present before their 12th and final season debuts. TV Line also confirmed that FX's American Horror Story and Fox's Sleepy Hollow will be skipping the convention this year, although no reason was given for why each show is sitting this one out. We have full panel descriptions for each of Fox Television's shows, which give us a break down of everything we'll be seeing.

The American Dad panel will include cast members Scott Grimes, Dee Bradley Baker, Rachael MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal and executive producers Matt Weitzman and Brian Boyle fresh off their epic 200th episode on TBS! See a sneak preview of the new season and enjoy a live table read from our favorite All-American family. It isn't known when the new season will premiere on TBS quite yet, so stay tuned for more updates.

Bob's Burgers creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard, executive producer Jim Dauterive and the hilarious cast including H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal and Larry Murphy bring their Emmy Award-winning animated Fox series Bob's Burgers back to San Diego for another unforgettable panel you won't want to miss! The cast and creative team behind one of America's most beloved TV families will have you howling with laughter with never-before-seen footage followed by a Q&A panel discussion. Bob's Burgers debut its new season Sunday, September 25 on Fox.

Come bid farewell to Bones! It's the final Comic-Con Q & A for fan favorites Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor and John Boyd, as well as executive producers Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson as they begin production on the twelfth and last season of Fox's long running comedic procedural beloved by millions of fans around the world. Fox hasn't announced when the final season of Bones will debut yet.

Join the Family Guy cast (Alex Borstein, Mike Henry) and executive producers (Rich Appel, Alec Sulkin, Steve Callaghan) for a special preview of next season's hilarity and hi-jinx from Fox's hit animated comedy. The new season of Family Guy is slated to premiere on Sunday, September 25 on Fox. The show is part of the network's Sunday Night lineup that also includes The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, new series Son of Zorn and The Last Man on Earth.

You won't want to miss the stars from Fox's Emmy-nominated hit comedy The Last Man on Earth, Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Mary Steenburgen and Cleopatra Coleman as they discuss the evolution and surprising twist and turns from the first two shocking seasons as well as tease the upcoming third season. The Last Man on Earth returns for Season 4 on Sunday, September 25 on Fox. No new cast members for Season 4 have been announced yet, but perhaps that will happen at SDCC.

Prison Break stars Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, Robert Knepper, and producer Vaun Wilmott greet fans fresh out of production to share their behind-the-scenes experiences from set and show a special sneak peek of all new footage! Prison Break is slated to debut sometime in midseason on Fox, although the network hasn't issued a premiere date yet. It isn't known if the network plans on announcing more cast members during the SDCC panel.

Continuing its bloody, sexy and fantastical reimagining of Colonial America, join the star-studded cast and producers of Salem for an extended sneak peek at the upcoming third season. Shane West (Nikita, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Janet Montgomery, Seth Gabel, Iddo Goldberg and Elise Eberly along with executive producers Brannon Braga (Star Trek) and Adam Simon, will unveil intriguing footage from the supernatural witchy series, from WGN America and Fox 21 Television Studios. Moderated discussion will be followed by an audience Q&A.

It's the return of the Chanels with the Scream Queens panel! From award-winning executive producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, Season Two of Scream Queens graduates from the college campus and into an abandoned hospital purchased by Dean Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis). Set two years later, the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin), Hester (Lea Michele) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) are now hospital employees as they embark on another terrifyingly funny murder mystery full of the most fascinating and bizarre medical cases ever diagnosed. Join Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and more for a Season 1 tell-all and exclusive details of the new season premiering this fall on Fox. 041b061a72


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