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My lung cancer was discovered, like most, by accident, while being scanned for something totally unrelated. The diagnosis of Stage IV non-small-cell lung cancer was a shock, to say the least, as I am a non-smoker, swimmer, bicyclist, healthy eater an

A little over 3 years ago, I came down with Pneumonia. To confirm this, the doctor took a chest x-ray, which showed a spot on my lower right lobe of my lung. Biopsy confirmed that I had a Well Differentiated Carcinoma.

Well my father is a really active 70 year old man who smoked his pretty much entire life. Other than that he has a healthy lifestyle, decent weight, still working as an attorney, lover of his family with multiple dreams and projects to accomplish.

My uncle was diagnosed with stage IV small cell lung cancer on Monday, July 5, 2014 and died on Saturday, July 23, 2014. Having smoked for over 50 years, his diagnosis at age 69 was shocking, but not surprising.

My mother has small cell lung cancer. She was diagnosed with it in April of 2015. She smoked two packs of cigarettes per day for over 40 years of her life. For years, my brothers and I tried to get her to stop smoking.

I had a complete lobectomy (removal of whole upper left lobe) and was staged at 1B - adenocarcinoma NSCLC. I researched day & night about the condition & treatments discovering that chemotherapy, according to the latest studies, was not recom

In March 2011, I was healthy, a bit overweight but exercising regularly. However, I'd had a nagging cough for a few months. To make my husband happy, I mentioned the cough to our doctor. Two months, two rounds of antibiotics, one x-ray, and a broncho

I am female and at age 69, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. A 1 cm tumor was discovered in my right upper lobe by a chest x-ray that I had because I was short of breath. Had I not mentioned this to my doctor, I would be dead today because insurance

May 8, 2015 I was diagnosed the adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Detection at stage 1B. The cancer was discovered after have a annual mammogram plus a breast MRI because of a family history of breast and other cancers. Needless to say I was not expecting

On December 17, 2003 i was diagnosed with Stage 3 NSCLC. I had 2/3 of my right lung removed and over the next 6 months received radiation and chemo. I had all the side effects and was told I still only had a 5-15% chance of survival. I never had a si

My first recollection of my mother was with a cigarette in her hand. She smoked over 3 packs a day. Imagine this, being in a car with the windows up and experiencing second hand smoke, one cigarette lit over and over again.

It was July 21st, 2014. My husband and I had just taken my two sons (5 and 7 years old, at the time) to the Museum of Science and Industry. We had a great day. When I got home, I got a call from my step-mother that I and my siblings needed to go over

Hi! My name is Marian and this is my story. In 2011, I had tests done after I broke 3 ribs. At that time, "something" was discovered in my left lung. In January of 2012, after further testing and many opinions, I had a resection of my left lung. The

We never know when our life could end or when everything could just come crashing down and our whole existence is over. We always think we have time. We think we have 80 years on this earth but that is not always the case.

My story begins with a doctor visit thinking I had the flu. I had been sick for over a month and could not seem to shake it. When they called me in for an X-ray consultation and she told me to bring someone with me...I knew that something was terribl

One small little nodule in my husband's right lung. Just 3 cm...barely an inch in length. It was uncovered when my husband Tom, age 60, had gone to the ER in June 2015 with what we thought had been a mini-stroke. Instead of a stroke, they found two m

May of 2006 my sister Linda became ill with what we thought was pneumonia. It lasted all summer long. Every time I talked with her over the phone her coughing got worse and worse. In September 2006, she finally got her doctor to send her to a pulmona

Growing up I was never very athletic and got out of breath easily. As a cheerleader, I always struggled. Once in high school while playing soccer the coaches thought I was hyperventilating, and handed me a paper bag to breathe into to recover.

Both my father and my sister died at age 72 of lung cancer. They both had smoked for many years. While I also smoked for a few years, I've been quit for over 30 years. I may still get lung cancer, but by quitting smoking, my quality of life drastical

I started smoking as a teen. That was fifty-seven years ago. I KNEW that I had COPD after many X-rays over the years. I did not have many symptoms other than shortness of breath, at times and had several bouts with pneumonia.

A tropical cyclone is a generic term for a low-pressure system that formed over tropical waters (25S to 25N) with thunderstorm activity near the center of its closed, cyclonic winds. Tropical cyclones derive their energy from vertical temperature differences, are symmetrical, and have a warm core.

Emanuel, K.A. (1993): The physics of tropical cyclogenesis over the Eastern Pacific. Tropical Cyclone Disasters J. Lighthill, Z. Zhemin, G. J. Holland, K. Emanuel (Eds.), Peking University Press, Beijing, 136-142

An upper atmospheric perturbation known as the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) can travel around the globe on a time-scale of weeks. As its positive phase passes over an area it can bring favorable conditions for convection, while its negative phase can suppress it. This can affect forming tropical cyclones either giving them a boost or hindering them.

The climatic fluctuation in the Pacific Ocean known as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) can affect Atlantic tropical cyclone development by increasing or decreasing (depending on ENSO phase) the vertical wind shear over the western side of the basin.

Sometimes these updates include higher grid size resolution to improve surge representation, increasing areas covered by hypothetical tracks for improved accuracy, conversion to updated vertical reference datums, and including the latest topography or bathymetric data for better representation of barrier, gaps, passes, and other local features.

Deterministic runsThis is an operational product based on the official NHC track and intensity forecast of a tropical cyclone. Operational SLOSH runs are generated whenever a hurricane warning is issued, approximately 36 hours prior to arrival of tropical storm winds. It is run every 6 hours coinciding with the full advisory package. This is a single run product which can result in uncertainty because it is STRONGLY dependent on the accuracy of the storm track and timing. This product is intended to provide valuable surge information in support of rescue and recovery efforts.

The SLOSH model is computationally efficient resulting in fast computer runs. It is able to resolve flow through barriers, gaps, and passes and model deep passes between bodies of water. It also resolves inland inundation and the overtopping of barrier systems, levees, and roads. It can even resolve coastal reflections of surges such as coastally trapped Kelvin waves. However it does not model the impacts of waves on top of the surge, account for normal river flow or rain flooding, nor does it explicitly model the astronomical tide (although operational runs can be run with different water level anomalies to model conditions at the onset of operational runs).

Surprisingly, not much lightning occurs in the inner core (within about 100 km or 60 mi) of the tropical cyclone center. Only around a dozen or less cloud-to-ground strikes per hour occur around the eyewall of the storm, in strong contrast to an overland mid-latitude mesoscale convective complex which may be observed to have lightning flash rates of greater than 1000 per hour maintained for several hours.

Hurricane forecasters estimate tropical cyclone strength from satellite using a method called the Dvorak technique. Vern Dvorak developed the scheme in the early 1970s using a pattern recognition decision tree (Dvorak 1975, 1984). Utilizing the current satellite picture of a tropical cyclone, one matches the image versus a number of possible pattern types: Curved band Pattern, Shear Pattern, Eye Pattern, Central Dense Overcast (CDO) Pattern, Embedded Center Pattern or Central Cold Cover Pattern. If infrared satellite imagery is available for Eye Patterns (generally the pattern seen for hurricanes, severe tropical cyclones and typhoons), then the scheme utilizes the difference between the temperature of the warm eye and the surrounding cold cloud tops. The larger the difference, the more intense the tropical cyclone is estimated to be.

There have been numerous techniques that have been considered over the years to modify hurricanes: seeding clouds with dry ice or silver iodide, reducing evaporation from the ocean surface with thin-layers of polymers, cooling the ocean with cryogenic material or icebergs, changing the radiational balance in the hurricane environment by absorption of sunlight with carbon black, flying jets clockwise in the eyewall to reverse the flow, exploding the hurricane apart with hydrogen bombs, and blowing the storm away from land with giant fans, etc. As carefully reasoned as some of these suggestions are, they all share the same shortcoming: They fail to appreciate the size and power of tropical cyclones. For example, when Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992, the eye and eyewall devastated a swath 20 miles wide. The heat energy released around the eye was 5,000 times the combined heat and electrical power generation of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant over which the eye passed. The kinetic energy of the wind at any instant was equivalent to that released by a nuclear warhead. 041b061a72


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