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First Love Sottotitoli Italiano S01E08

Damon first met Elena the night her parents died. She met Damon in the middle of the road, and at first, he mistook her for Katherine. They started talking and even flirted a little. He told her that she wanted a love that consumed her, a love that was passionate, and a love that was a little dangerous. And then he told her that he wanted her to have everything she wanted. After their moonlit conversation, Elena's parents had arrived and Damon compelled her to forget it ever happened. They were later reunited in The Night of the Comet, but she didn't remember him. This also explains the reason how Damon knew who Elena was when they met in the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena admitted in The Departed, that if she had met Damon first, things might have gone different between them and she would have chosen him over Stefan. This memory resurfaces after Elena transitioned into a vampire in Growing Pains.

First Love sottotitoli Italiano S01E08

When Damon nearly kills Matt, Elena attacks Damon and saying, "Leave him alone!". She tells him she remembers everything, including the fact that she met him first. She eludes to the fact that it wouldn't change anything, but she has to take it a bit further. She asks him what he would have done if he was in Stefan's position and he tells the truth only Damon would tell: he'd let Matt die to save her because he's selfish. He's so selfish, that he'd take someone else's life to give Elena the one she wanted: a human life. And that single factor changes everything. Damon has always been selfish and destructive, but one great reason Elena's answer had to be Stefan hearkened back to the time when Damon just couldn't understand why she'd choose death over vampirism. He tells her "I would have saved you in a heartbeat; no question. You would have gotten to grow up and had the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved. I wanted that for you, Elena, and I would have gladly given it to you and let Matt die because I AM that selfish."Now that he gets that and Elena remembers everything, the love triangle has once again found a way to ignite even further.

Rebekah then turns to Elena and compels her to tell them the truth about Damon. Elena says that being with Damon is unpredictable, and that it makes her feel happy and free. Later that night she calls Damon and they talk about Jeremy. As Damon starts to hang up, Elena tells him that she realized something about them today. She goes on to tell him that she is in love with him. After that, Damon asks her to get in her car right now and come to him. They hang up and Damon looks up at the sky, amazed that he is finally feeling reciprocated love for the first time in his life.

In Yellow Ledbetter, in order to forget Damon, Elena packs up all her photos of Damon, along with his old clothes. She tells Matt and Jeremy her plan to have Alaric compel away her feelings for Damon and asks that they keep the truth from her. Alaric sits down with Elena and tells her that in order to erase her feeling for Damon, she needs to go back to when she first realized she loved him. He explains that the signature memory about Damon will affect all the others when he alters it. She's sad to be losing her memories of Damon as she doesn't want to stop loving him, but knows she needs to. Elena begins to relive old memories of her and Damon. She first tells him about their first meeting. Elena says, "I was in high school. There was something different about him, dangerous. But not in a way that scared me. It was exciting." Alaric changes it to meeting a stranger.

Elena shares more Damon memories with Alaric, including when he stepped in as her escort for Miss Mystic Falls. She remembers it was the first time she noticed how sexy he was. But erasing that doesn't change things. They go through every moment she can come up with but none of them undo how she feels. Every time Alaric asks "Who is Damon Salvatore?", each time Elena responds with "He was my boyfriend, I loved him, he died." Eventually, Alaric tells Elena that it will not work if she does not admit when she fell for Damon, Elena says she cannot carry on and wants to stop.

While dancing, she asks why are they dancing and he says because it would be a shame to deny the world of good of a dancer he is. He reminds her of when they first danced. He says Stefan stood her up and he stepped in all sexy and handsome and saved the day. She says she's there with someone and he can't show up announced. He says he came through time and space for her. He says even if he was drowning in grief, he would have hung onto every moment with her than have it erased. He says he would rather be in agony then erase even one memory of her. She says she needs air and goes out. Damon is having shots and Elena comes up to him, telling him that she wants to try to remember. She says maybe if they unwind the memories maybe something will come back and tells him to take her to the last place she told him she loved him.

After taking the cure, Elena starts feeling dizzy. Damon asks her how is she feeling and Elena starts getting flashes of their past. She gets a flash of their first official date as a couple during the summer of their lives. They have gone to an Italian Joint and both are feeling shy at their first date. They are about to order but both end up speaking at the same time. Damon tells her to go first and she says Eggplant Parmesan to which Damon says, "You're an eggplant girl, huh?" Elena panics thinking he doesn't like Eggplant but he says he loves it and says he was just taking notes. Elena teases for their second date, but Damon says he was thinking about five years anniversary.

Okay I watched the first episode of season one, but then I couldn't resist and went straight gay to the first episode of season two, because #Evak4lyfe etc. and yeah, I love it. It's not as good as the original, but I think it'll be great nevertheless. The actors seem to be really well chosen. 041b061a72


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