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Leonardo Watson
Leonardo Watson

Buy Sailor Mars Cosplay BEST

Sailor Mars represents a force that wards off evil; hence the costume of the Cosplay has been given a red and white colour to correlate with the devil and the forces of peace. The design is essentially the same as the other sailors in Sailor Moon Crystal, with a short red frill-like skirt over a white shirt that has a dusky bow hanging in the front. The shoes are low red coat shoes, and a golden crown like head wear is also available, simulating the helmet worn by the character in the animated series.

buy sailor mars cosplay

Download Zip:

Sailor Mars also has two giant bows on her costume. One at the front of her sailor suit and one at the back. Be sure to find a large purple bow or create your own with purple fabric from the store! Follow the Youtube tutorials here or here on how to create your own ribbon bow

Hairdresser's egg 19 years old and Yuma-chan in a sailor suit and Gonzo out in youth! Pre-buttocks that stick out from the miniskirt, white panties that swell up ... As expected, the quality that was JK until a year ago. 041b061a72


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