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Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins

AIDA64 Engineer Extreme 5.99.4960 Portable

please note that some atx motherboards lack the power connectors, so the power connectors on the graphics cards have to be installed into the mainboard. this also means that you have to adjust the bios settings of the mainboard accordingly, since there is no power connector on its own.

AIDA64 Engineer Extreme 5.99.4960 Portable

if the monitor you're using is set to a resolution that is not supported by your graphics card, then you can only see a black screen. adjusting the resolution of the monitor to a value that is supported by your graphics card may fix the problem.

in order to be able to create a benchmark, you need to allow full access to your processor. access to the processor can be restricted in the motherboard bios, which is accessible when you press f1 during start-up of the computer, and when you're on the advanced tab of the mainboard settings, and if required, press f2.

most companies charge a fixed price for each cpu and gpu benchmark they create. some companies charge an additional amount per cpu benchmark, and a fixed amount per gpu benchmark. by ordering a cpu or a gpu benchmark, you are purchasing the corresponding amount of cpu and gpu benchmarks from that benchmark company.

aida64 does not support the installation of overclocked cpu and gpu benchmarks. for this reason, aida64 cannot guarantee that the benchmarks you order are always executed at the maximum performance level, so some performance measurements may not have the same meaning as with a default cpu or gpu. if you want to purchase a high-performance cpu or gpu benchmark, then make sure you're ordering this from a benchmark company, not from a regular benchmark creator.


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