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Where To Buy Filet Mignon Near Me

The fact that tenderloin makes up just a small percentage of the total beef carcass and yet is the most desired by the catering industry and grocery stores plays a key role. That results in filet mignon cuts being rarer and the price gets bided up at wholesale level to secure the product thus more expensive.

where to buy filet mignon near me

It takes much more time cleaning and trimming a tenderloin into filet mignon than preparing any other cuts. They have to take the gristle, silver skin, and every part of fatty tissue out, which can take more than half an hour. That is much more than the time spent on preparing a Ribeye Steak, for instance.

This steak sure has a strange name, it has several other name as well. Learn about the Teres Major from where to buy it to how you should be cooking it. It's one tender steak that is worth every penny - it can be less pennies than Filet mignon! 041b061a72

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