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On how being down seven in the second half affected the team's play...I was very much staying in the moment realizing how well Northridge was playing, knowing what we needed to do. We needed to be aggressive to the basket and make stops. We were very focused on doing those things, not really worried about the hole too much, just trying to get more competitive in the game and find a way to shake some people free on offense.

On Rene Haynes' and Victoria Lucas-Perry's foul trouble...I'm really proud of our bench. I'm really proud of what people have done coming off the bench. They did a terrific job. Rene and Victoria, that's the second game in a row. We had foul trouble at Santa Barbara also. We've got to mature in those areas. I don't think you want any player in foul trouble. I never think you want to be at a disadvantage and we clearly were at a disadvantage because we could not rotate as many people.

RecapBox ScoreNotesPhoto GalleryArizona QuotesHead Coach Joan BonviciniOn tonight's game..."It was a physical game and we knew it was going to be. Michigan State did a great job establishing its inside presence and they were able to break our stand. The big difference was the rebounding. We were also able to get to the free throw line tonight, but we couldn't convert those chances into points. I'm proud of the girls. They battled and it's disappointing (our season) ended like this. We had a season with a lot of firsts and you can't judge your season off of one game."On Shawntinice Polk's personal fouls..."I don't like to put Polk on the bench because she affects the game. She intimidates players and can do a good job with picks. However, she can be too aggressive at times. She's still a young player and I'm glad I'm her coach."Sophomore Center Shawntinice PolkOn her early foul situation..."The two fouls that were called early they didn't call the rest of the game and I was doing the same thing (later). I didn't even know where the first foul came from. But I went in playing like I already had three fouls so it didn't really bother me."Junior Guard Dee-Dee WheelerOn not being able to convert down the stretch..."We had three-straight turnovers. Our defense usually kick-starts our offense but, towards the end, we just couldn't convert. We didn't do a good job of executing and getting the ball in the basket."Michigan StateHead Coach Joanne P. McCallieOn the game..."It was a physical game with exciting twists and turns which made it a lot of fun. The thing that sticks out to me is our 41 rebounds. I think rebounding always seems to make a big difference. Thirteen rebounds for Liz (Shimek) is pretty outstanding, so I think that's a critical statistic for us. I also like five players in double figures. I like the balance and I like our team attack. Arizona is a very good team and they made their runs. I think it was our leadership that slowed those runs and allowed us to attack and really do what we like to do."On her young team's performance in its first tournament win..."This team is full of quick learners. I think last year's experience helped especially with Kristin (Haynie) and Lindsay (Bowen) who exude confidence. We have played a lot of very good games this season like those against Iowa, Penn State - even though we lost that one - and now this game. Now, we have another tough one with Texas. We know how tough Texas is and I know they'll be excited to play that game and play together.On the Michigan State's offensive execution..."I couldn't have known that we would score so many points (72). I'm most pleased that we were able to do so against the zone they played on us. We worked hard to prepare for the zone and it takes a mature team to play against it. I thought we matured from the beginning of the game until the end."Junior Center Kelli RoehrigOn defending Shawntinice Polk ..."We knew we had to protect the paint. (Shawntinice) Polk is a good player and we had to step up and defend her. We knew she was going to get her points, so we just had to play defense."Sophomore Guard Lindsay BowenOn the team's performance ..."We came out ready and focused. We controlled the tempo and were playing together. We knew we had to play our top defense against Arizona. We are experienced and knew it was going to be a tough battle."Sophomore Forward Liz ShimekOn the team's overall performance ..."We just had to come out and play our game. We had to work on our rebounding and our defense. We had to play Michigan State basketball."Print Friendly Version var obj = "start":0,"count":10,"name":"story-template-boilerplate","sport_id":null,"count_breakpoints":null,"css_class":"","pinned_id":"","extra":,"context":null,"dummy":false,"type":"ads","id":"e07c4ed3-120c-4833-85a6-41b70a7835bf","data":"location":"id":0,"title":null,"type":null,"effect":null,"fixed_image_sizes":false,"excluded_sport_ids":null,"slick":false,"dfp":false,"sidearm_dfp":false,"common_page":false,"html_template":null,"name":null,"autoplay_speed":0,"accessibility_icons":false,"sizes":null,"slick_options":null,"dfp_sizes":null,"campaigns":[],"content_id":null,"content_title":null,"content_date":null,"content_url":null,"content_image_url":null,"mode":"web"; if (!("sidearmComponents" in window)) window.sidearmComponents = []; window.sidearmComponents.push(obj); Related Stories and Videos var obj = "start":0,"count":10,"name":"story-template-general-2-1","sport_id":null,"count_breakpoints":null,"css_class":"","pinned_id":"","extra":,"context":null,"dummy":false,"type":"ads","id":"1fc16317-9490-4393-a92e-74510ee65f92","data":"location":"id":0,"title":null,"type":null,"effect":null,"fixed_image_sizes":false,"excluded_sport_ids":null,"slick":false,"dfp":false,"sidearm_dfp":false,"common_page":false,"html_template":null,"name":null,"autoplay_speed":0,"accessibility_icons":false,"sizes":null,"slick_options":null,"dfp_sizes":null,"campaigns":[],"content_id":null,"content_title":null,"content_date":null,"content_url":null,"content_image_url":null,"mode":"web"; if (!("sidearmComponents" in window)) window.sidearmComponents = []; window.sidearmComponents.push(obj); Related Stories 03.19.23 041b061a72


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