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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Installing Command And Conquer Generals CD2 on Your PC

you can choose the game's difficulty, control the speed of the game, and choose different types of units. the game can be played single-player, or against another player online using the computer or gamespy. the game has been completely redesigned for this release with a new interface, new units, and a number of new game modes.

Command And Conquer Generals Cd2 Download For Computer

the first true sequel in the command and conquer series, command and conquer: generals is a turn-based strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic future. the game, which was developed by westwood studios, was released in 1997 on the pc and the playstation.

another thing westwood has done to update the game is to add all of the same features from previous games. the ability to upgrade factories, repair units, and build airfields. all of these features were available in the original command & conquers. red alert 2 is a standard rts game with a few new wrinkles thrown in.

unfortunately, this is not an improvement. only new features are added, not new ideas. instead of fighting a war, the game focuses on a single scenario. the story of the game is so bad i'm not even going to bother trying to tell you what it's about. essentially, it's the cold war in the late 1990's with america taking on russia over kosovo. in the end, america wins. you can control the same four units you've been using for years and you can build the same kind of bases you've been building since command & conquer 2 but this time it's for real. there are no resource meters and you don't get to build a single new unit type. the only new unit type is the tank, which can replace any one of the old units, so you can just stack tanks on top of tanks to keep the cost down. a new resource is also added, which is money, which can be used to build more units and upgrades, but money can also be used to buy buildings and everything else. you can also build a new base with the money you get from each victory.


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