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Victoria 2 Population Boost: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Baby Boom Event

You can also use a few cheats without codes while in debug mode - pressing CTRL and ALT together will allow you to instantly annex any state you click on, while the debug console also has buttons that allow you to change your nation's constitution.

victoria 2 population cheat

Q: Vic2 is crashing at Initializing Maplogic. What do I do?A: Clear your map cache by deleting the cache folder inside ".../victoria 2/map/" in both My Documents and the Victoria 2 install location.

1 - Stick to vanilla pop sizes. - Use Vanilla population sizes.2 - Devpush means more people! - Adjust population sizes with a variety of factors - dev investment during the course of the game, buildings constructed, life rating of the province and similar. 1 dev increase will approximately translate to 1% pop increase compared to vanilla numbers. However, provinces not invested at all will have population slightly decreased.3 - Extreme - abs. devsize - Redistribute everyone according to absolute value of provinces - this options is useful for multiplayer games coming from a flat word or similar special cases

We can convert everyone and their cows, but this will have negative effects on gameplay (assimilation, hotspot crises). Do not change unless you know what to expect. Options are:No - Nobility and merchants (good) - All upper strata + 50% of middle strata - it will take approx 200-300 years for a majority of population to convert after EU4 province conversion. This is a good thing as it gives meaning to Vic2 assimilation, promotion, hotspots and other mechanics.Yes - Everyone inc. peasants (BAD!) - 100% of population - this is unwise, but often required feature.


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