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A Seduced Wife [v0.1]

Description:You take the role of some guy who lives in marriage. All the sudden your life gets changed by some mobile phone application, which gives you a total control over your wife. So now you can demand anything from your her or do whatever else you would like.Version: Updated: 2023-02-15, Posted: 2019-10-16. Request for an Update!

A Seduced Wife [v0.1]

Actually there's no no content, just in review the videos of the content they might add in a FEW years? Dev add some content to this shit!! Like at least have wife actually doing the Glory Hole blow jobs and intercourses!! You Rarely update and little to no content when you do!

Dude, calm down. Clearly, developers put beta versions on this site to determine whether there is enough potential to keep going with the idea. Give some constructive feedback rather than just bitching. I think there is definite potential, and would suggest the developer keep adding content. I do tend to get impatient, so faster corruption of the wife, and others in the game, would be nice.

Nick Danson is involved in a devastating spaceship crash, but afterwards he can't remember anything about his previous life. When he's reunited with the gorgeous woman who says she's his wife, Nick experiences an odd mix of excitement and trepidation. A visual novel retelling of a scifi novella.This initial demo contains the prologue and chapters 1 & 2. Future chapters will contain more explicit content.

- Branching Story Paths That Matter -- Cinematic Presentation -- Theatrical Soundtrack -- Realistically Modeled Characters That Have Depth And Story Arcs -- Almost All Renders Will Be Unique, Extremely Few Repeating Renders -- No Reading Exposition While Staring At A Wall For 5 Minutes -- Story Based On Real Life Events -- Many Unlockable SFW and NSFW Renders -- Mini Games -- Timed Hidden Object Events To Find Extra Content And Unlockables -- Animated Cinematic Stylized H-Scenes -- Full Story Will Be 4 Chapters Long -Tell Us About The Game's StoryThe main character is a professor at a local community college. He has a wife that he has been with for eleven years, and a nine year old daughter. They have created the normal life that many strive for... nice car, nice house, good jobs....However, the last year has brought some concern to light for our main character. His wife has become more distant, reserved, and indulgent. He contemplates that he is overthinking it all. When he brings the topic up to his wife, she calls him crazy and states how busy she has been with work. However things are not okay in this seemingly normal suburban home. Our main character discovers his wife's affair and that is where "Illusion of Being" really digs in.Our main character is forced to make choices he wishes he never had to. Will he succumb to the depression and possibly upset those who care for him? Will he embrace the single life and have more attention than he ever thought possible? Will he find true love within his new found freedom? As the player, the choices are yours to make... All the rewards as well as possible consequences, are yours to experience....*We would like to say thank you for your interested in Illusion of Being. Your support means the world to us!*Best Regards,- The TEG Team

Tatsuki is interested in sharing his wife with another man.As a favor to a friend, he let Yuma, a timid young guy about to start university, stay on his house.Since Yuma's arrival, his wife, Hana, started acting motherly towards Yuma, making our protagonist jealous but aroused at the same time.When Hana found out about her husband's fetish, she proposed sex training the inexperienced Yuma to make him a fine man. However, Tatsuki has to go on a long business trip so he can't be present. Nonetheless, he accepted it.

You own an electronics store with your wife, but competition from the bigger chain store nearby and the internet are hurting your business so much a visit from a customer has become a rarity. A visit from a rich customer ends up giving you the idea to make some money to pay off your debt: invite people over to have sex with your wife for money. 041b061a72


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