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Shadow Fight 1: The Classic Facebook Game that Started it All

Shadow Fight is a series of fighting video games developed by Banzai.Games and published by Nekki. Each game is set in the Far East, involving martial arts action between combatants that are typically silhouettes. The first installment was initially released as a Facebook game, before two sequels made available as free-to-play mobile games.

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Shadow Fight was a Facebook-based fighting game developed by Nekki. It was released on February 12, 2011. In online battles, players play against each-other, utilizing magic spells, long-range weapons, and hand-to-hand combat tools, or through unarmed fighting. Shadow Fight was available on Facebook in English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Shadow Fight 2 is the second installment of the trilogy. Released worldwide in 2014 for mobile devices and ported to computers and eighth-generation consoles, the sequel is more story-driven than its predecessor. The plot follows a warrior known only as "Shadow", who was once a legendary warrior, renowned for never losing a battle. While seeking a worthy opponent, Shadow accidentally opened the Gate of Shadows, a pathway to another realm, unleashing powerful demons into his world. Reduced to a faceless silhouette, Shadow now fights to reclaim his lost honor and physical body.

The game consists of multiple acts, each of which involves the player leveling up by taking part in battles against AI-controlled opponents, earning currency to upgrade Shadow's arsenal. While the first acts revolve around Shadow battling the demons he unleashed upon the world and looking for a way to seal back the Gates of Shadows, the final part of the game sees Shadow venturing into the Shadow World, where he must defeat an alien warlord called Titan. The game also includes a multiplayer mode, where rather than fighting each other, players must work together to defeat various bosses in the Underworld.

Shadow Fight 3 is an Action-RPG fighting game. It was announced in April 2017 with an expected release in the fall of the same year.[2] After extensive beta-testing, the game was released in Canada[3] on July 17, 2017, in India on October 27, 2017, and worldwide on November 16, 2017.[4] It is playable in many languages.

Unlike its predecessors, Shadow Fight 3 does not represent fighters as silhouettes. Instead, they are rendered as lifelike three-dimensional characters in an animated environment. Players build up a gauge during combat, which allows them to temporarily enter 'Shadow Form'. This allows them to use shadow abilities. Shadow abilities are based on the player's current gear and faction. Items are acquired in the form of collectible cards that can be earned or purchased.

The game takes place years after the events of Shadow Fight 2, and revolves around a conflict between three distinct factions. The player starts the game as a member of Legion, which uses mostly European weapons like swords and hammers and has slow but powerful attacks. Later, they escape to Dynasty, which has a faster, more acrobatic fighting style and uses weapons from around Asia like Nunchaku and Guandao. The final main faction is Heralds, who have more precise attacks and mostly Japanese weaponry like Naginata and Katana (of which two variants exist: normal Katana and ones used in a manner similar to Iaidō).

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Real work is done in the shadows when nobody is watching. It isn't pretty and it takes sacrifice. Shadow Fight Goods combines innovative design and world-class experience to create next-generation fight gear and apparel, tried & tested from the smallest gyms to the biggest global stages. Step out of the shadows and join the tribe.

Weapons are classified based on their rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There is also another rarity called Unique. They are items from events. Unique have the best rewards when completing the set. The higher the rarity, the better the weapon (they have higher upgrade value, better shadow abilities and more perks and special moves can be attached to them). Common weapons do not have any Shadow Ability and carry one slot. All rare weapons of a faction share the same Shadow abilities and carry one perk slot one special slot. All Epic weapons come with unique Shadow abilities and carry two perk slots and one special slot. Legendary and Unique weapons also come with unique Shadow abilities, but carry three perk slots and one special slot.

Some weapons belong to some equipment sets, which give a fight bonus when fully equipped. When the player collects a certain set for the first time, they can obtain a reward. The reward for each set can only be obtained once.

Dynastians use fast weapons which offer the highest combo and agility, introduced in Chapter II. Dealing a combo of 3 hits when equipping any Dynasty weapon will put a buff on the user that makes their next strike inflict double the damage, indicated by a blue aura around their hands. The buff will be gone if the user receives an unblocked attack or after 5 seconds. However, it will not go to waste if the user's attacks are blocked. The buff only increases weapon attacks and weapon shadow abilities (like Tornado, Thresh, Twirl, etc), and does not affect unarmed attacks, ranged weapons, or non-weapon shadow abilities (like Peg-Top, Burst, Ricochet, etc). Despite this, the user can use these attacks to help them maintain the combo. The buff cannot stack. If the user is Shocked, then they cannot utilize the buff for the rest of the round. They are based on weapons used in several Chinese martial arts styles.

The series also contains a three-chapter Comic Book Miniseries written by Alex Xatchett, known from Bubble Comics for his work on Demonslayer, that takes place during the events of Shadow Fight 2, and a dynamic card tabletop game called Shadow Fight: Demon Fight which consists of the 12 remaining Shadow Demons fighting each other to claim Titan's empy throne after the conqueror was defeated by Shadow.

Shadow Fight is a fairly powerful verse amongst its mobile and fighting game peers. Its roots as an old school browser and mobile game series, along with its initially simplistic and straightforward setting and narrative would likely let many to believe at a first glace that the franchise's power level boils down to just a bunch of superhuman martial artists with some basic supernatural powers and entities here and there. While this is true for the first few games of the series, starting from Shadow Fight 3 and onward releases the power of the verse sometimes skyrockets to some unexpected levels of power due to the writers taking a more sophisticated approach to the series' story and characters. Still, overall the verse treats its human characters for what they are - humans - and avoids granting them access to cataclysmic tiers that far surpass their classification. The rare occasions on which humans ever reach these world-devastating tiers is via special equipment and/or hax, meaning they still do not physically scale off of them. These powerful tiers are more reserved for the truly exceptional of humans and most often deities and other mighty entities.

When the Shadow Mind revealed himself, everybody panicked. But not Ling. This old Shadowsmith knew long ago that shadow energy was sentient. Armed with his trusty katana and mysterious flask, master Ling enters the tournament!

He's already made a mistake once, and he won't let himself make it again. Feldsher Azuma is a specialist in dealing with shadow disasters. He knows very well how to hold back those possessed by shadow energy, and will not hesitate to use his skills in a tournament.

Your attacks neutralize shadow energy! This is a great ability to control an opponent who relies on his shadow energy. And if your opponent enters shadow form, knock him out of it with a successful attack!

In close combat, this hero has no equal. If you feel your opponent is too far away, use your shadow abilities! They'll help you to close the distance quickly. Also, the Ironclad doesn't have a ranged attack, but he doesn't react to his opponent's!

Calm on the outside, Shang the Monk is a fearsome warrior who worships the Shadow Mind. Every time Shang hits or is being hit, he gets extreme amounts of energy for his shadow abilities. In his quest for absolute power, Shang will stop at nothing!

Fireguard was created in a secret research laboratory of which only the ashes are left. This shadow bot can infinitely generate shadow energy and transform it into all-consuming flames. Fireguard's true purpose remains a mystery, and anyone who gets in his way will be destroyed.

Don't be afraid to spend your shadow energy: Fireguard restores it automatically. His various shadow techniques are useful in many situations. And if you're in danger of being defeated, stay close to your opponent; after taking fatal damage, Fireguard activates the self-destruct protocol!

Kate is a liquidator. These special Legion soldiers have a unique genetic ability: they can burn out the shadow energy of their opponents. One of the best liquidators, Kate is especially dangerous for any shadow energy user: she can drain the opponent's shadow energy and use it against them.

If your opponent is a shadow energy master, don't be afraid to play aggressively! By taking their shadow energy, you take away their combat advantage. Use your shadow abilities to improve your chances at victory!

Her eye, shining with shadow energy, became an eternal reminder of that battle with the Shadow Mind. That time Kibo lost, and she swore to never lose again. In combat, Kibo uses a unique technique - Shadow Onslaught. With the help of shadow energy, her dashes inflict increased damage!

Accuracy above all! You can't afford to miss: Kibo loses shadow energy if she doesn't hit. Try to consider the distance to the opponent before each attack. But even if you missed, don't be discouraged - Kibo accumulates shadow energy very quickly!


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