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Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins

[S1E6] His Sister's Keeper Fixed

Queen Aelfgifu asks Godwin to share wine with her. A Shield Maiden says that they are keepers of the faith, and if they die, so do their gods. Jarl Haakon conducts a sacrifice on a male volunteer to try to gain the favor of Odin and Freya. The volunteer is screwed into a pole, and the back of his head is stabbed, killing him. Then, they slice both of his arms with a sword, collecting his blood into two bowls. A woman collects some of the blood with a cup and drinks it.

[S1E6] His Sister's Keeper

At Shorty's Saloon, Waverly is trying to decipher Curtis' poem. She sits in his favorite seat at the bar, looks at her "mug" in the mirror, and remembers a tune her uncle used to sing her as a child. All this leads her to unlocking a secret compartment in the piano that has concealed in it a small crate: with a human skull inside. Inside the skull's mouth is a note from Curtis telling Waverly she is now the keeper of the bones (the bones Bobo and the Stone Witch have been looking for all over?!) and that she's not to tell anyone but the blacksmith of this finding. Oh, and she also breaks up with Champ, which was kind of a no-brainer (like that skull!). 041b061a72


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