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Mahmood Kapustin
Mahmood Kapustin

Download Attacking Mastermind Pgn [EXCLUSIVE]

Angelo Kesaris and GM Marian Petrov collected ALL chess attacking principles and explained them via highly illustrative examples in order to be perfectly understandable for you. These principles will be your guidelines in order to help you select the best moves all the time. Similarly, these key principles are repeated again and again in more than one game.

Download Attacking Mastermind pgn

GM Kristian Szabo has graciously agreed to reveal this SUPER POWERFUL opening to the public. Kristian recorded a 10-hour course giving you a complete understanding of the attacking system sufficient to take down chess giants.

Do you dare face the evil alien mastermind, Cyrax? Well, of course you do! You need that egg! Or, shells... Don't expect it to be an easy fight, though. He can summon Mini-Sylvesters and any alien you encountered before, though not all at once, except for Sylvester and Balrog who are summoned together! He takes about 50 hits before he goes down. He only appears in Tank 5-1. 041b061a72


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