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Grants For Musicians To Buy Instruments |LINK|

Teaching music is hard enough as it is without being pressed for funds to support your program, although tools like makes it much easier. So grants are a great way to help your program without digging into your own pocket.

grants for musicians to buy instruments

The Sharon Gewirtz program is a grant available to connect middle school string students with classically-trained musicians. Example programs include mentorship and concert attendance.$1,000 available on a one-time basis.

The ACMP supports spreading and encouraging the performance of smaller chamber music. There are different grants available for school-related programs and even adults.Most grants go up to $2,500 in its funding.

Fender, famous for its guitars, have grants available specifically for school music programs at any grade level. This program will donate up to 8 instruments to support music in schools, after school programs, or school-related music therapy.

The D'Addario Foundation supports music education in schools with its grants, but they prefer to support programs in ways other than buying instruments. They look for long term ways to support a music program.

Learning to play a musical instrument can be expensive. Luckily there are a range of organisations, trusts and grant providers who look to support aspiring musicians and projects. Further information can be found via the links below.We have separated funding options into those for New players, Aspiring professionals and Community projects.

EMI Music Sound FoundationThe Foundation provides grants up to a total of 2,000 towards the purchase of musical instruments and/or equipment for individuals who are in full time education and Schools who require the equipment to fund music education. We also fund courses and training opportunities for music teachers who work within schools.Apply for an EMI Music and Dance SchemeThis government scheme gives financial help for specialist education or training for young musicians and dancers. The Music and Dance Scheme provides grants and help with fees at 8 independent schools and 21 centres for advanced training.Visit for further informationBenslow Music TrustBenslow Instrument Loan Scheme is an unique UK charity that hires high quality instruments to talented young musicians. You can borrow from Benslow ILS if you are an orchestral string or woodwind player aged 7-25, have learned for 2 years and are passionate about your music.Apply for a Benslow Music Trust loanFelicity Belfield Music TrustThe policy of the 'Trust' is to enable students to have an instrument worthy of their musical aptitude. Most students are recommended by their teacher as being worthy of a better instrument than they can afford. Subject to approval, the 'Trust' then buys (or shares the cost of) a suitable instrument for loan to the student, which must be returned when he/she reaches 25 years old.Apply for a Felicity Belfield Music Trust loan

Help Musicians UKEvery year Help Musicians UK give grants, provide opportunities and offer advice to talented musicians in the final stages of training and the first few years of working professionally. Their grants include an Emerging Artists Fund, Postgraduate Award, Peter Whittingham Jazz Award and Career Development Bursaries.Apply for a Help Musicians UK grant.

The scheme offers an interest-free loan for the purchase of musical instruments, equipment, software and tuition. You can buy an instrument using the loan scheme at one of the 130 music shops across England and Northern Ireland. For full details see the website.

The Universal Music UK Sound Foundation (previously known as EMI Music Sound Foundation) provides grants up to a total of 1,500 towards the purchase of musical instruments and/or equipment for individuals who are in full time education. Please note that they do not fund retrospectively. To be eligible to apply, you must have been resident in the UK & Eire for a minimum of three years and are either a British citizen or a national of a member state of the European Economic Area, or have been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK for an indefinite period or hold a certificate of right of abode in the UK. You are not eligible to make this application if you are present in the UK only for the purpose of education or attending a course of study.

The Loan Scheme is for professional players under the age of 36 who can show that they have sufficient income to be able to repay the Loan. The Grant Scheme is designed to help students and young professional musicians from the beginning of their third year of full-time study until two years after the completion of their full-time course. A Grant will NOT be made for more than one third of the purchase price of any instrument. The maximum Grant is 5,000. Preference is given to British Nationals. Awards are not made in respect of electric or electronically-controlled instruments. Applications must be The next meeting of the Trustees is planned for February 2021 and completed applications must be received by 15 January 2021. Find out more.

The Trust offers interest-free instrument purchase loans to musicians who have received a study award from the Trust in the past and who have completed their studies and are working as professional musicians. Loans are repayable over periods varying from 5 to 12 years, depending on the size of the loan advanced. Closing date for applications: 10 February. Find out more.

The Tom Acton Memorial Trust supports young musicians from Essex aged 25 or under with financial help for instruments, tuition, and other expenses. Applications must be received by 31st May. Auditions will then be held in early July.

The Radford Charitable Trust supports musicians from Cornwall by providing grants for tuition, instrument purchase, ensemble and workshop fees as well as travel costs for attendance at college auditions or lessons. They have a stock of good student instruments which they lend free of charge for up to three years. Applications for grants and instruments can be made at any time. The majority of decisions on grant applications are made at the annual meeting of the Trustees in September. Applicants must be resident in Cornwall. In the case of university and post-graduate students, residence up to the age of 18 is acceptable.

Yes. You may re-apply, but only after you have submitted a final report on any previous or currently active grants. You can find the final report form here. If you have questions, email

Not at this time. The Take Note Colorado Grant Program is the only current funding mechanism. We partner with and fund school districts, community-based organizations, musicians, businesses, and other entities, based on learnings from prior year partnerships and the unique needs of each district, county and region. We consistently evolve our approach to ensure that Take Note is effective in increasing equitable access to musical instruments and instruction for Colorado students. Beyond the grant program, we do not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

Since 1958 the Trust has worked to make a real and significant contribution to the advancement of talented young musicians. Well-respected within the musical world, the current work of the Trust has five main strands:

We invite you to watch the video and see the transformative power of the gift of a musical instrument. We ask people and organizations to donate musical instruments to our tax-exempt organization and then we match the donated instruments with the countless requests we receive. See the miracle of music in action, transforming young hungry souls into inspired musicians.

The Society of Recorder Players Walter Bergmann Fund helps young people under the age of 30 in their development as recorder players. You can apply to the fund for the cost of projects, instruments, tuition and so forth with a maximum award of approximately 850.

The Musicians' CompanyThe Musicians' Company offer a number of awards and scholarships for study. Some are linked to specific institutions, for example musicians in the armed forces, while others are inter-collegiate awards for music students.

The Kent and Medway Young Musicians Trust supports young musicians up to the age of 25 within the Kent and Medway area. The grants can be used towards tuition fees, instruments, courses, and music. Currently funding of up to 400 per annum is available.

Music is an important part of child education and recreation and is believed to be a key tool in a child's sequential learning process. Musical instruments and maintenance can be costly for schools, community centers, teachers and families, particularly in low-income areas. The good news is that a wide variety of charitable foundations award grants for students to get a musical instrument.

The American Suzuki Institute sponsors a number of children's music education programs in North, South and Central America and since inception has helped more than 2,800 aspiring music students in the US alone. In partnership with non-profit kid's music foundation MusicLink, Suzuki offers music teachers grant awards to reimburse them for musical instrument expenses or donates the instruments. The MusicLink program also offers music education scholarships and instrument assistance to children--from preschool to grade 12--at participating music schools and community centers nationwide. Parents can apply online at the MusicLink website.

Well-known Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is a long-time supporter of youth-oriented music programs throughout the US. In lieu of cash grants, the Fender Music Foundation provides anywhere from $500 to $5,000 worth of musical instruments to youth music programs, under the stipulation that the instruments remain in possession of the program and are played by participating children. Most in-school and after-school music programs--as well as music therapy programs for children--are eligible for Fender music grants. You can begin your grant application process by completing a "Grant Candidate Form" available on the Fender Music Foundation site. 041b061a72


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