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Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones

Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap Explicit 2009 [PATCHED]

whether its a good thing or not, deeper is the most mainstream album ross has ever made. and despite the obvious appeal of his earlier tapes, that goes against the grain of ross the rapper. and its not like he's banked on them being well received. on the contrary, in his past he hasn't cared about pleasing the masses. this is perhaps why he finds himself in this odd place: he's more concerned about pleasing his audience than he ever was with sticking to his roots, and he's apparently found the place where he wants to be. good for him.

Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap Explicit 2009

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deeper is the first album to feature ross as a record executive, and he's telling stories about his life and his neighborhood. the city as he tells it isn't one where youll find big buildings and big cars, and ross is far too modest to say that he's the one who built all that. instead, he tells us that he was a good kid from a good neighborhood who was responsible for nothing, and that he got shot for nothing. we're told that he was born into the wrong place, and that he was born into the wrong time. but ross is smart enough to realize that he can use his now-established position as a rapper to make good for himself, and in the process, he can even change the world. he tells us that he made a mistake by being a rapper, and that he's making amends. or, at least, he's trying to.

watch this video on youtube weekly chart: 1. rick ross - "mafia music" 2. rick ross - "b.m.f." 3. rick ross - "stay schemin'" 4. rick ross - "gold roses" 5. rick ross - "flava in my lip" 6. rick ross - "da crackhead" 7. rick ross - "money in the grave" 8. rick ross - "rich bitch" 9. rick ross - "lay back" 10. rick ross - "aquarius" 11. rick ross - "u.o.e.n." 12. rick ross - "fifty fifty" 13. rick ross - "i do" 14. rick ross - "i'm a boss" 15. rick ross - "black & white" 16. rick ross - "mr. big stuff" 17. (remix)" 18. rick ross - "yeah!"


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