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Hokushin Mei, who seeks a master, meets a girl named Tatara Black Maple in the Cursed Forest, and insists on looking for her sister Tatara White Sakura with her. When they met, Hokushin Mei's mind was bewildered by Umbrella Demon Chikage, and there was no other way to save her except to defeat herself. However, Chikage took advantage of this gap and the scourge that had been buried in Black Maple's body to control the two sisters, and wanted to take the opportunity to take Hokushin Mei's husk for itself. However, it didn't succeed, instead was broken because it inspired an unknown force in Hokushin Mei's body. And Hokushin Mei was almost in a state of being swallowed because of her strength. As a result, the two sisters used their last strength to seal the unknown power, and the story of the encounter of the three came to an end.


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Since that day, Hokushin Mei has set up tombstones for Black Maple and White Sakura, and sweeps their graves. And at this moment, she came across with reality, and met Raiden Mei which is also a Hokushin Ittō-ryū user. Because of differences in views on Hokushin Mei's sword style, the two began a battle. It was this battle that awakened the sealed power in Hokushin Mei and the Black Maple and White Sakura that had been sealing this power in her body. Realizing that she has always been protected by others, Hokushin Mei also realized the significance of Hokushin's swordsmanship: this is a sword technique that exists to protect people. With this, she defeated Chikage and the two sisters finally fell asleep.

On the road of Yae Village, Fu Hua and Mei found that Yae Village had been bloodbathed by someone unknown. While searching for survivors, the 2 found Kallen Kaslana lying in the shrine. After giving emergency treatment to her, Kallen let go of her guard against the two and revealed the truth of the Yae Village massacre - the witch Yae Sakura, who originally prayed for the village's blessings, was infected by Honkai after her sister was sacrificed by the village and the whole village becomes a bloodbath.

After escaping from the pursuit, Kallen revealed the whole story under the questioning of the 2. Kallen was originally a member of the Schicksal Church, and the "God Box" is an evil prop that hosts the Houkai. After the Schicksal Church used the "God Box" to cause various tragedies, Kallen decided to steal it and travel across the ocean. However, Schicksal refused to let it go, the endless escaping and chasing exhausted Kallen's physical strength, and she was rescued by Yae Sakura when her life was hanging. However, what Kallen never expected was that the Honkai energy in the God Box she carried had eroded Yae Sakura, magnified her heartache of losing her sister, and eventually turned into the current tragedy of Yae Village. After hearing this, Fu Hua decided to help to the end and rescue Yae Sakura, but at the same time, Zofia has also located all the information of Yae Sakura, and the Knights of War has turned its direction and is ready to go all out to crusade Yae Sakura and retake the box of God.

Jaroslav Petr, born in 1923 in Policka, Czechoslovakia, describes the prewar Jewish community of Policka; the arrival of German forces in 1938; restrictions placed upon the Jewish community under the German occupation; his close relationship with his Jewish neighbors; his neighbors leaving their belongings with his family upon their deportation; his father's arrest for assisting Jewish families; his arrest in 1942 for resistance against the Nazis; his imprisonment in the "Small Fortress" in Terezin; his transfer to a prison in Dresden; his sentencing in 1943 and time in concentration camps in Germany; his sister's death in 1943 as a result of forced labor; and returning home in 1945.

Ludmila Blahoušová, born in 1928 in the town of Sušice, Czechoslovakia (now in Czech Republic), describes having a brother and sister and living in Sušice until 1937; her father applying to be a sacristan at a church far away and his family moving to live closer to the church; Jewish families owning textile and clothing shops; boys who were part of the fascist party of Sudeten-German politician Konrad Henlein and wanted to prosecute Jews; Jewish people being restricted to use a laundry house for only one hour in the evening; Jews being assembled in a Jewish community building next to a cemetery; hearing rumors about Jews, such as Jewish people needing blood for Easter celebrations; and her father having more interactions with Jews far more than her generation. 041b061a72


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