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Pokémon GO APK - Play the Ultimate Mobile Game on Android

I have been checking and waiting for Pokemon Go 0.45 for several hours, and now it is 11pm Pacific Time and it is still not available on my Android phone or on the Google Play website. However, it is on the apkmirror website and it says:

apkmirror pokemon go

In most cases you will have to wait for the update to be available on your respective app store. However, if you're on Android you can go to apkmirror and download the latest version early - there is no such option for iPhone

I believe they cannot detect IF the APK you downloaded is from a reputable site like since it has the same digital signatures etc. Basically, you're downloading the same update rolled first. You're simply sideloading the apk. From where I am, updates tend to be delayed so I rely on apkmirror for huge updates. If any normal ones roll out, PlayStore recognizes it has the same digital signature so I don't have any issue updating inside PlayStore itself. For me, the real danger would be to download from a questionable site since some of them modify apks and such.


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