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The Lean Toolbox 5th Edition.pdf

This book has a single purpose: to help you make Lean work in your organisation. It provides you with the key principles and tools needed for a lean transformation. It will guide your implementation and act as a reference guide for you to go back to as you advance on your lean journey. The philosophy will always remain, yet as new challenges arise, different tools will be required. In this book we have assembled the main tools, systems and principles we have found to be useful when applying Lean to manufacturing, as well as services, the public sector, IT operations, and the office. We wish you good luck in your journey!

The Lean Toolbox 5th Edition.pdf

After improvements have been made, and the process is stable, new current and future state maps are generated, and the cycle begins again. One will never reach the initially defined future state, but progressively move to an emerging vision of a lean process (See Chapter 9 for details on mapping).

The model asserts that lean transformation occurs not through tools as tools only answer the question of how, but rather through collective behaviour which is realised through understanding the interrelated and interdependent relationships between guiding principles, systems, tools and results so that we can answer the why question (Shingo-Institute, 2014).


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