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Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins

[S3E5] Behind Blue Eyes

Ivanova and Draal come to the conduit room, where Draal is plugged in. Momentarily, Draal forgets that he's still plugged in. He steps out, reminding himself to dust himself more often. Ivanova gets into the machine, and Draal warns her not to stray from the path. At first, she sees only space, but as she focuses, silvery-blue lines appear in the void. She follows them to Sigma 957, where she marvels at the darkly shimmering marks of the First Ones' presence. She soon notices that she's not alone. As she looks around, twelve fiery eyes shimmer into existence. As she fights the draw of them, more eyes appear in the dark, pulling her away from the path. Draal implores her to look away and come back, which she does with great difficulty. Before she disengages, she sees Earth Force One passing Io. She thinks she can warn the President before he dies, but Drall tells her she is only seeing what happened and cannot affect it. Before it is destroyed, the image fades into Clark's expectant face. He admits he's wanted Santiago dead, and asks if the person on the other end is sure it's done. Morden assures him that Earth Force One will never return from Io. She then sees the destruction of Earth Force One again. Shaken, she asks Draal to record it. It's the proof they all need to prove Clark's guilt definitively.

[S3E5] Behind Blue Eyes



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